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Best eCommerce Hosting UK Services in 2024 (On-Going Case Study)

If you want to sell products or services online, you’ll need to choose a reliable and secure hosting provider to ensure your online store is ready to serve your customers.

Based on our research, the key factors for determining a good eCommerce web host are uptime, speed, support, and additional features. Whilst cheap web hosting is appealing to many new businesses, online stores will certainly benefit from paying a little extra to squeeze as many resources as you can from a web host.

There are hundreds of web hosts out there serving different purposes, so here’s our list of the best eCommerce hosting providers to ensure your online selling experience is a breeze.

Best Web Hosting Companies


1. Hostinger: Best Overall eCommerce Choice (£3.99/Month)

Hostinger is an incredibly cheap web host, offering hosting services from £2.59 per month. However, I would recommend considering their Business hosting plan which is just £3.99 per month, giving you access to 100 websites, 100 email accounts, unlimited bandwidth, WordPress acceleration, free SSL, free domain, and daily backups.

Although Hostinger isn’t the creme de la creme of web hosts, they are a good choice if you’re just starting out and don’t want to spend a fortune on one of the bigger hosting names. With Hostinger you’ll get a reliable 99.9% uptime guarantee and plenty of freebies to get your feet off the ground.

eCommerce websites will benefit from Hostinger’s extra allocated resources on the Business plan, as well as unlimited FTP accounts, 24/7/365 support, and the incredibly easy experience this host offers.


• 99.9% uptime guarantee
• Cheap pricing plans
• Free domain and SSL certificate on Premium plans and above


• Ideal for smaller online stores only

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Hostinger Logo
Cost: £3.99/Month
Space: Up to 200GB on Shared Plans
Bandwidth: Unlimited
Average Uptime: 99.9%
Live Chat Response Time: ~1 minute
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
1 Click WordPress Installation
Visit (£3.99/Mo)

2. SiteGround: Best for Customer Service (£2.99/Month)

SiteGround is hands down an awesome web host in many areas, so you may be wondering what makes it stand out as an eCommerce web host. Well, for starters, hosting plans include a free SSL for making secure payments, free CDN for offering lightning-fast speeds to your customers, and SuperCacher technology for faster loading.

Although all of SiteGround’s shared hosting plans include eCommerce features, I’d personally recommend their GrowBig or GoGeek plans above their StartUp plan. Free auto-installations are a lifesaver when you’re creating an online store, along with 1-click shopping carts, daily backups, and SiteGround’s level 3 SuperCacher.

In my own experience and tests which you can check out in my SiteGround review, they have proven to be an extremely reliable web host with uptime records of 100%, fast server speeds, and top-notch security with their in-house checking and alert systems.


• Advanced security features
• Easy 1-click installs for eCommerce tools and shopping carts
• Free SSL certificate on all shared hosting plans
• In-house developed tools like SuperCacher


• Expensive hosting plans

SiteGround Logo
Cost: £2.99/Month
Space: 10GB
Bandwidth: 10,000 Visits/month
Average Uptime: 100%
Live Chat Response Time: ~1 minute
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
1 Click WordPress Installation
Visit (£2.99/Mo)

3. A2 Hosting: (£2.29/Month)

A2 Hosting is a great choice for eCommerce websites, especially if you sign up for their Turbo Boost or Turbo Max plans which will give you up to 20x faster server speeds in comparison to regular servers. After all, if you’re offering products and services to your customers, they’re going to want to access your website and online store with no loading issues.

In terms of security, you won’t have to worry with A2 Hosting. All of their plans (even the most basic shared hosting) include perpetual security with free HackScan protection, Patchman Enhanced Security Tool, 2FA, virus scanner, DDoS protection, and brute force defense. On top of all this, you’ll get a free SSL certificate so it’s safe to say there’s going to be no issues for you or your customers.

A2 Hosting offers a wide variety of plans to suit every requirement, and this is the same for eCommerce websites too. Whether you’re looking for shared hosting, VPS hosting, or reseller hosting, A2 Hosting’s Guru support team is on-hand to help in any way they can.


• 20x Turbo speeds on Turbo Boost and Turbo Max plans
• Incredible security features
• Affordable pricing


• Live chat support isn’t as good as it claims to be

A2 Hosting Logo
Cost: £2.28/Month
Space: 100GB SSD
Bandwidth: Unlimited
Average Uptime: 99.95%
Live Chat Response Time: ~2 minutes
Anytime Money Back Guarantee
1 Click WordPress Installation
Visit (£2.28/Mo)

4. InMotion: (£4.55/Month)

InMotion is a scalable eCommerce-suitable web host, though a little more expensive than other shared hosting providers, they do offer great features which are ideal for eCommerce websites.

All of their shared hosting plans include SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth, 100% uptime website transfers, free SSL, website builder, and daily backups. Even if you’re just running a small online store, to begin with, you can upgrade to a more resource-generous plan when the time is right.

Scheduled automatic backups and malware protection will protect you and your customers from vulnerabilities. Though InMotion’s security features aren’t as extensive or advanced as other hosts, I still recommend them as they cover the basics and will provide decent coverage for an eCommerce website.


• Reliable and scalable web host
• Free website builder and free SSL
• Automatic scheduled backups


• More expensive than other hosts
• Security features not as robust

InMotion Logo
Cost: £4.57/Month
Space: 50GB SSD
Bandwidth: Unlimited
Average Uptime: 99.99%
Live Chat Response Time: ~5 minutes
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
1 Click WordPress Installation
Visit (£4.57/Mo)

5. BlueHost: (£2.26/Month)

Whilst BlueHost doesn’t offer an uptime guarantee, in my BlueHost review you’ll see that I’ve always received near-perfect uptime results from BlueHost. It’s for this reason that I highly recommend them for eCommerce websites. Why? Because a reliable and stable website is essential for your customers.

If you plan to create a WordPress website for your eCommerce efforts, BlueHost is recommended by WordPress and offers a dedicated WooCommerce hosting plan. Their shared hosting plans include a free SSL certificate, SSD storage, unmetered bandwidth, and plenty of scalability for the future.

However, I would personally recommend BlueHost’s eCommerce plans as they offer more tailored features towards online stores. The Starter plan starts from £4.55 per month and gives you 100GB SSD storage, Storefront theme installed, domain privacy + protection, and WooCommerce automatically installed. If you don’t plan to use WordPress for your online store, BlueHost’s shared hosting plans are really only suitable for a very small selection of products.


• Cheap web hosting
• Recommended by WordPress
• Reliable and scalable
• WooCommerce plan is ideal for online stores


• Renewal prices are high

BlueHost Logo
Cost: £3.02/Month
Space: 50GB
Bandwidth: Unmetered
Average Uptime: 100%
Live Chat Response Time: ~1 minute
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
1 Click WordPress Installation
Visit (£3.02/Mo)

6. HostGator: (£2.10/Month)

HostGator’s shared hosting plans come with unlimited FTP which makes it easy for you and your team to manage your website’s files and data. You’ll also get unlimited bandwidth and email accounts which is ideal for eCommerce websites.

Uptime is a major factor when considering the best host for eCommerce purposes, and HostGator do their best to achieve 99.99% uptime with their uptime guarantee. If you need any help or support along the way, which should be a priority for online stores, I highly recommend HostGator’s customer support team. They also offer live chat which is a handy feature.

On top of the free SSL certificate, HostGator offers 24/7 server monitoring and DDoS protection to ensure your eCommerce business isn’t damaged by potential threats or attacks.


• 99.99% uptime guarantee
• DDoS protection and server monitoring
• Great customer support


• No WooCommerce plans
• Advanced plans are more expensive than competitors

HostGator Logo
Cost: £2.10/Month
Space: Unlimited
Bandwidth: Unlimited
Average Uptime: 99.9%
Live Chat Response Time: ~2 minutes
45 Day Money Back Guarantee
1 Click WordPress Installation
Visit (£2.10/Mo)

7. GoDaddy: (£3.99/Month)

GoDaddy are a reliable web host, but in comparison to other eCommerce hosting providers, they don’t offer that many features. Their shared hosting plan is slightly more expensive than other shared hosting providers, but they do include 100GB storage, unmetered bandwidth, and 10 databases.

Realistically, if you want to host an eCommerce website with GoDaddy, I’d recommend their Ultimate shared plan which is £7.99 per month, or their Business hosting plans. However, these start from £14.99 per month and still don’t offer the features and tools I’ve seen with others hosts for much cheaper.

All of GoDaddy’s hosting plans include a free domain for 1 year when signing up annually. But, if you want to protect your site with an SSL certificate on their shared plans, this isn’t included for free unless you choose the Ultimate plan.


• Free domain name on shared hosting plans
• Generous amounts of bandwidth and storage
• 24/7/365 support


• Only suitable for smaller businesses
• Average server performance and speeds

GoDaddy Logo
Cost: £3.99/Month
Space: 100GB
Bandwidth: Unlimited
Average Uptime: 99.9%
Live Chat Response Time: ~2 minutes
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
1 Click WordPress Installation
Visit (£3.99/Mo)

eCommerce Hosting FAQs

Not always! Self-hosted platforms like require you to have your own web hosting, however, not all platforms work like this. Website builders like Wix and online store builders like Shopify already include their own hosting servers, so you don’t and won’t be able to use a separate web host.

For example, Shopify includes PCI compliant eCommerce hosting with unlimited bandwidth within their pricing plans. Although you can’t select your own web host, you won’t have to pay extra for it with these platforms.

Some hosting providers like HostGator have their own website builders so you can essentially host your website and build your website with the same provider. Whilst this is a possibility, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it if you want to build a professional eCommerce website.

If you want some serious speed, power, and performance behind your online store, you’ll need a builder that has these kinds of capabilities. For example, WordPress or Shopify.

You may be wondering why we’ve created a list of recommended eCommerce hosting providers if we don’t necessarily recommend using them to create an eCommerce website. Well, most eCommerce web hosts support installations like WordPress and Magento, which are self-hosted solutions. A combination of a stable, reliable, and powerful web host with a great website builder or CMS works really well.

In most cases, web hosts who advertise eCommerce plans are usually showing pricing for their standard shared or VPS plans. That’s because many hosts include eCommerce capabilities within these plans, but offer more bandwidth, processing power, and resources to create an eCommerce or business plan.

Some web hosts do have specific eCommerce plans, like BlueHost’s WooCommerce hosting plan. These tend to include more focussed and specialised features for eCommerce websites and online stores, and I thoroughly recommend taking a look at them.

There isn’t really just one factor that you can prioritise over everything else when it comes to eCommerce hosting. My personal recommendations would be to look at uptime and speed, as you’re going to need a reliable website that doesn’t incur much time, security features to protect your website and your customers, and decent customer support that you can access 24/7 if things go wrong.

Small businesses and enterprise businesses may prioritise differently, but ultimately your eCommerce website should perform well and offer a high-level of security. This not only benefits your customers but also your website and SEO efforts. - Best UK Web Hosting